/Trump adviser teases ‘busy morning’ ahead for MAGA movement
Trump adviser teases 'busy morning' ahead for MAGA movement

Trump adviser teases ‘busy morning’ ahead for MAGA movement

Trump adviser teases 'busy morning' ahead for MAGA movement

by Daniel Chaitin | Washington Examiner

An aide to former President Donald Trump indicated a big morning is ahead for the “Make America Great Again” movement.
Jason Miller, an adviser, and spokesman for the 45th president, issued the missive Tuesday evening, indicating that Trump’s schedule less than three months removed from the White House could get a lot more hectic.
“Busy morning coming up Wednesday for President Trump and the MAGA movement – be sure to eat your Wheaties tomorrow! #AmericaFirst,” Miller said in a tweet.
Miller did not elaborate, but the tweet strays from his usual comments, which typically are in interviews, responding to news reports about Trump, or in teasing the imminent arrival of emailed statements from his boss.
Trump, who is now living at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, was removed from a slew of social media in January after the U.S. Capitol riot. But he is expected to return to social media in the next few months with “his own platform,” Miller recently said on Fox News.
In an interview on Tuesday, Trump told Newsmax, which last month hired Miller and Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew, insisted that his banishment from social media platforms Facebook and Twitter “haven’t silenced me.”
Trump also got a new website at the end of last month and has been vocal about the controversy surrounding Georgia’s new voting law. Trump called the reform package signed by Gov. Brian Kemp too “weak” and quipped that he hopes “the RINOs are happy.”
After losing his bid for reelection to President Joe Biden and insisting the contest was rigged (despite election officials defending the integrity of the election and the courts rejecting a slew of election fraud lawsuits), Trump said, “We’ll see” about a 2024 run, telling Fox News that he first wants to see how the 2022 midterm elections play out.
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