/Arizona AG: Biden tells border states to ‘pound sand’
Arizona AG: Biden tells border states to ‘pound sand’

Arizona AG: Biden tells border states to ‘pound sand’

Arizona AG: Biden tells border states to ‘pound sand’
by Paul Bedard, | Washington Examiner
They’ve tried phone calls, letters, and even lawsuits, but border states mired in likely the worst immigration catastrophe ever have been told to “pound sand,” according to a leader in the fight for action.
“We have reached out to them. We try to coordinate. We’ve tried to get information from the [Department of Homeland Security]. And the Biden administration’s response has been essentially ‘pound sand,’ they don’t want to talk to us, they don’t want to deal with us, and that’s really, really troubling,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.
In an interview, he added, “Now, I think about something about the East Coast because I know that New York just recently legalized marijuana and I think it’s legal in Washington, D.C., now because I think there’s a lot of those folks on the East Coast must be smoking that, because if they weren’t high, they would actually be doing something to try to address this issue.”
Brnovich compared President Joe Biden’s repeal of working Trump-era immigration controls to throwing gasoline on a fire and said that “they refuse to call in the fire department.”
He has taken the lead in challenging Biden’s immigration changes through lawsuits, joining with some other border attorneys general on two hot-button issues.
Brnovich has teamed with Montana to sue to block the administration’s pause on deporting criminal illegal immigrants. And he joined 10 other states to sue to keep the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule that restricts immigrants on welfare from receiving green cards.
He promised more — and with a take-no-prisoners style.
“Yes, I’m gonna do everything I can in my ability in my power to try to address this crisis. But other elected officials are just talking about it. I’m actually trying to do something,” said Brnovich.
He has been in this position before. The Republican is in his second term, and he played a key role in fighting against executive overreach by the Obama administration. Now, he’s targeting the Biden administration and a president who has already signed 37 executive orders to put his policies in place without congressional approval.
Brnovich also said that while border states are facing a “catastrophe” with the immigration crisis, it will soon reach deep into the United States as the government moves the crowds into states.
“This may seem like an Arizona or Texas or New Mexico problem, but at the end of the day, this may be in our front yard, but tomorrow, it’s going be in your backyard,” he said.
And, he warned, “it’ll affect you because the cartels control the border, everyone that goes across that border pays. They make money off of it. And not only are they financially benefiting from it, but they’re using the chaos and all the apprehensions to increase smuggling heroin and fentanyl and cocaine across the border, which is going to end up being distributed all over this country.”
A provision in @JoeBiden‘s $1.9 trillion spending package could be interpreted to give the federal government power over state tax policies.
Arizona AG @GeneralBrnovich Mark Brnovich has filed a lawsuit calling for the provision to be tossed.
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