/Senator Tom Cotton slams Biden’s border crisis and ‘amoral’ policies
Senator Tom Cotton slams Biden's border crisis and 'amoral' policies

Senator Tom Cotton slams Biden’s border crisis and ‘amoral’ policies

Senator Tom Cotton slams Biden's border crisis and 'amoral' policies

Noah David Alter | The Post Millennial

Senator Tom Cotton slammed the Biden administration’s border policies that have encouraged migrants to travel north with the expectation that they will be admitted into the US.
“The way it translates is come to America, we’ll let you in, we’ll put you on a bus wherever you want to go, and we’ll pay for everything,” Cotton said of Biden’s immigration policy. “This is a border crisis, this is the Biden border crisis.”
Pressure has mounted upon the Biden administration to change their border policy after it was revealed that the country is experiencing a surge in the number of migrants, especially unaccompanied minors, crossing the border. The number of children crossing the border without a supervising adult has increased nearly sevenfold since the beginning of January.
In response to the crisis, the Biden administration has reopened migration facilities for unaccompanied minors, a decision which has been criticized as both hypocritical and lenient by Republicans and cruel by Democrats.
“[The Democrats] don’t believe in borders. They therefore don’t think it’s a crisis. They think it’s a feature, not a bug, of their policy. They literally turned detention centres, that are designed to turn people away at our borders, into reception centres.”
“What signal does that send?” Cotton asked rhetorically, noting recent images showing migrants seeking to enter America wearing Biden t-shirts. “All this is gonna do is build more and more pressure at the border as more and more people make the dangerous journey across Mexico to get into our country.”
Arguing that most people around the world do not get the same opportunity to travel over land to America even if they wish they could, Cotton further described the policy as “totally amoral.”
Cotton accused asylum seekers of being “coached” to explain to border officials that they are targets of persecution in their own countries, but argued that a country being impoverished or plagued by crime is not grounds for asylum, noting that such claims are meant for victims of political persecution by their governments.
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