/Top pollster: Trump’s agenda ‘more popular than ever’
Top pollster: Trump’s agenda 'more popular than ever'

Top pollster: Trump’s agenda ‘more popular than ever’

Top pollster: Trump’s agenda 'more popular than ever'

by Paul Bedard, | Washington Examiner

When the crowd at Sunday’s Conservative Political Action Conference cheered after former President Donald Trump asked, “Do you miss me?” they weren’t the only ones.
According to pollster Jim McLaughlin, with every move congressional Democrats and President Biden take to dismantle the former president’s legacy, Trump becomes more popular.
Absent Trump’s sometimes annoying and rude tweets and weeks away from the Jan. 6 Capitol protests and his resulting impeachment, many are again looking at his agenda and what he did as president and giving a thumbs-up, said McLaughlin, who conducted the McLaughlin & Associates CPAC preference poll.
“Democrats, mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Washington establishment on both sides of the aisle are trying to cancel President Trump and his supporters, and the poll shows they won’t be silenced and they won’t be canceled. If anything, President Trump and his agenda are more popular than ever,” he told Secrets.
Others with long Washington history, such as Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, have said that Biden’s effort to build an early reputation off of reversing Trump’s successes is setting him up for a midterm election drubbing.
Certainly among the Trump base, that’s true, said McLaughlin, in sharing a deep dive into his polling.
“The more they attack his issue agenda and his people, the stronger President Trump gets,” he said.
McLaughlin pulled these findings from his CPAC poll to make his point:
Ninety-seven percent want Congress to do more to fight for their conservative agenda.
Ninety-three percent said there was voter fraud that helped Biden win.
Ninety-three percent said Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to be president.
Ninety-six percent said the Washington establishment thinks they are better than ordinary people.
Ninety-nine percent said we need to get the children back to school and open the economy.
Sixty-three percent said they are angry/disappointed with the Republican National Committee.
“His stuff worked. His issue agenda was a success,” said the pollster.
And the GOP’s base hasn’t softened on its distrust of Washington, dubbed “the swamp,” by Trump.
“They hate Washington, the establishment, and the elites. He fights them in a way no one else can,” he said, adding, “No one connected better with middle America than the New York billionaire, and that’s all him.”
He also said that the former president is the GOP for now.
“President Trump has changed the GOP for the better. He has transformed us from the party of the corporate elites to the party of the forgotten men and women. That’s why he significantly raised GOP numbers with blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, blue-collar workers,” said McLaughlin.
“The truth is, the Republican Party needs President Trump right now a lot more than he needs them,” he added.
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