/GA senate subcommittee hears STUNNING ballot testimony
GA senate subcommittee hears STUNNING ballot testimony

GA senate subcommittee hears STUNNING ballot testimony

GA senate subcommittee hears STUNNING ballot testimony
By Mike Huckabee | MikeHuckabee.com
A hearing of the Georgia State Senate Subcommittee on Election Fraud was going on Wednesday — anybody see the wall-to-wall mainstream media coverage of it?
I know, I know, very funny. But news is slowly emerging about something quite dramatic and fascinating and totally new that happened during this hearing. And we’re not talking about some crazy conspiracy theory about Chinese robot astronauts hacking Dominion voting machines from space.
But there was sworn expert testimony to the effect that they COULD be hacked, not (necessarily) by Chinese robot astronauts from space, but certainly by someone who knew how and wanted to change the vote.
This wasn’t just any expert, either. You know those scanners you see at the grocery store when you check out, at the airport when you print a boarding pass, and just about every other place where you purchase something, show proof of purchase, or have to verify information? This is the man who invented and patented the technology for that. His name is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.
As reported by Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA, Pulitzer claimed that to the extent Georgia had election issues, these could be resolved simply by looking at the paper ballots. Then he went further, claiming he could prove the system was susceptible to manipulation via WiFi because his team had already broken in that way and were in the system right then, as he spoke.
A link to Pulitzer’s testimony is included within the story. Pulitzer issued a challenge to the subcommittee: SHOW HIM THE BALLOTS, give him two hours, and he’d be able to tell them if there was election fraud in Fulton County, Georgia.
He said it’s not the code in the machines that is at issue, but the ballots themselves — something about the ballots that causes them to be read by the machine in a certain way, either as an error or not. In his hour-long presentation, he discussed something he had already found: differences in the type of paper used in two different areas of Fulton County, one heavily Republican, the other heavily Democrat. He could clearly tell the difference.
In addition, there was a bar code on ballots from the Republican area that was not on ballots from the Democrat location, he said. And the alignment cues on the Republican ballots were not correctly aligned, while the Democrat ones were. Those cues are what enable the scanner to read the ballots.
“What I care about is the physical artifact,” he testified, meaning just the ballot. “That physical artifact has material differences from district to district that should not be there. Why are they there?”
He said he and his team can tell immediately if a ballot is real or was made in a copier, whether a person or a machine marked the choices, and whether or not it actually went through the mail. Also, the ballots are numbered, so they can check to see if numbers recurred, to see if a number was run again and again and again as has been claimed in sworn testimony. He can tell where the paper came from, he said, and where the ink came from.
“I’ve spent the last 24 years studying the way paper and machines and internet react. I’ve spent the last six years studying the paper reading details at the nano level. I can tell you what paper came from China. I can tell you if the person who handled it was a smoker. All of it is detectable with the physical ballot.”
Recall the sworn eyewitness testimony of numerous election workers at counting locations who said some of the mail-in ballots were on different paper, looked like copies, hadn’t been folded, etc.
And oh-by-the-way, even though Pulitzer said the secret was in the ballots, he also claimed his team had indeed penetrated the voting system with WiFi. He told the subcommittee that when officials assured him the system couldn’t give and receive signals, that was not true. Watch him drop the bomb here.
Pulitzer said, “I’m the guy who told the world that that little bar code can talk to the internet…This is as simple as scanning a loaf of bread at a grocery store. That’s your vote. You’re handing it to the checker or scanning it yourself — that’s basically the polling machine.”
He continued: “What’s sad about this is we’re not even performing at standards expected at grocery stores…If you complained, [the store] would have to audit and make it right. But we don’t do this in elections? They’re playing hide and seek with the ballots? Why?”
Rudy Giuliani gave some compelling testimony of his own. Here’s the video, for when you have time.
After the hearing, the subcommittee did say that they would make “some of” the ballots available for examination. For crying out loud, give the man all the ballots he wants, give his team two hours — heck, give him three hours — and let’s see once and for all if anything untoward was done with this vote. Let’s put this thing to rest if we can, one way or the other, and if fraud really did change the outcome, we are going to have to look that in the face. There will have to be a legal remedy and we all know what that is. I’m sorry the country has to be put through this, but there is no way around it.
I have to wonder if the lieutenant governor of Georgia, Republican Geoff Duncan, knew anything at all about Pulitzer’s testimony when he went on Sandra Smith’s FOX NEWS show Wednesday and said those who question the election results are participating in a “misinformation” campaign.
He accused some Republicans of “trying to figure out ways to flip the election with misinformation” and said that’s “not American.” He’s concerned that talking about misinformation was hurting them for their January 5 election –- that it interferes with their “winning attitude.” I’m not quite sure I follow his reasoning. Asking questions and determining the answers to the most important issue before our nation right now is not dealing in “misinformation.” It’s something that has to happen, or upwards of 70 million voters will never trust an election again. Most especially this one in Georgia.
The Full video here from Jovan Hutton Pulitzer- 


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