/Ted Cruz says anyone ‘involved in voter fraud’ should be ‘in jail’
Ted Cruz says anyone 'involved in voter fraud' should be 'in jail'

Ted Cruz says anyone ‘involved in voter fraud’ should be ‘in jail’

Ted Cruz says anyone 'involved in voter fraud' should be 'in jail'
Noah David Alter – The Post Millennial
Republican Senator Ted Cruz spoke at a rally in Georgia on Monday where he called for individuals involved in voter fraud to be jailed.
“We are fighting today, we are fighting together, to defend the nation we love,” Cruz said to the crowd.
Senator Cruz is in Georgia to support the re-election efforts of Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who both face run-off election challenges from Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff respectively. Warnock in particular has gained notoriety for a number of statements he has made and positions he has taken which critics have described as radical.
The upcoming runoff elections are widely considered to be toss-ups.
“It is time to end voter fraud,” Cruz declared as the crowd erupted in applause. “It is time to expose voter fraud. It is time to take anyone who is involved in voter fraud and prosecute them and put them in jail.”
Since the November presidential election, widespread claims of voter fraud have been alleged by the Trump campaign and many Republican Party officials, including in the state of Georgia. While some individual instances over voter fraud have been discovered, Trump’s campaign lawsuits have been roundly rejected by courts.
Cruz himself sought to argue a case related to voter fraud before the Supreme Court earlier this month in Pennsylvania, but the case was rejected by the courts before Cruz could testify. “I’m disappointed the Court decided not to hear the case challenging the election results in PA,” Cruz wrote of the matter on Facebook.
“Our democracy matters, our constitution matters, our bill of rights matters, America matters, and the state of Georgia will rise to defend the United States of America.”
The Georgia runoff elections are set to take place on Tuesday, Jan 5.
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