/Migrants are rushing the US Border expecting a more ‘lenient’ border policy under Biden

Migrants are rushing the US Border expecting a more ‘lenient’ border policy under Biden

Migrants are rushing to the US expecting a more 'lenient' border policy under Biden
by Eddie Scarry, Commentary Writer  – Washington Examiner
Hopefully, no one reading this is in any particular need of economic relief due to the pandemic having forced them out of a job. Congress still hasn’t passed any new bills to extend unemployment payments or distribute stimulus checks, and besides, under the new Biden-Harris administration, we’re going to have to start taking care of all the new Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Salvadoran nationals now making their way here.
The New York Times this week offered a helpful reminder that apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the border are continuing to climb at a quick clip. With Joe Biden coming in as president having promised to roll out the welcome mat, the numbers are likely to climb faster and higher.
The steady increase in migrants illegally crossing into the country, the New York Times reported on Monday, is in no small part due to “expectations of a more lenient U.S. border policy.”
Just since January, the Border Patrol has apprehended nearly 330,000 illegal immigrants at the border. The pandemic initially pushed the numbers down in the first three months of the year, but since April, when there were only 17,000 apprehensions, they’ve surged, with nearly 60,000 apprehensions in September, the month with the most recent data.


Biden, like every other Democrat, has already committed to an open-border policy. His campaign website promised to “undo” every one of the executive actions signed by President Trump on the border, which were only mildly successful in stopping the endless flood of migrants forcing their way into the U.S.
And it’s not Biden who will be paying to take care of all these people as we continue struggling with a highly contagious virus that has indefinitely pushed millions of people out of work. It’s you, the taxpayer.
I hope you’re feeling generous.
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