/Report: Michigan USPS whistleblower claims ballots received after the 3rd got backdated postmarks
Report: Michigan USPS whistleblower claims ballots received after the 3rd got backdated postmarks

Report: Michigan USPS whistleblower claims ballots received after the 3rd got backdated postmarks

TRAVERSE CITY, MI- A U.S. Postal Service worker from Michigan has reportedly turned whistleblower, telling Project Veritas, in an exclusive report that his supervisor instructed mail carriers at his work site to put all new ballot envelopes in separate bins so that postal clerks could fraudulently hand-postmark them as received on November 3rd.
According to reports, the whistleblower said he was shocked when Barlow Branch morning supervisor, Jonathan Clarke told a group of mail carriers how late ballots would be handled. In his conversation with Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe, the USPS insider said:
“We were told to collect any ballots that we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, etc, for outgoing mail. At the end of the day, we are supposed to separate them from the standard letter mail, so they can hand-stamp them with yesterday’s date and putting them through the Express Mail system to get wherever they need to go.”
He added:
“For clarification, today is the fourth of November.”
O’Keefe asked:
“Hand-stamped them with November third’s date?”
Whistleblower said:
O’Keefe responded:
“That seems wrong.”
For context, Michigan law states that ballots must be received by 8 a.m. on Election Day, November 3rd, to be counted. The deadline was recently affirmed by the Michigan Court of Appeals. The USPS insider said:
“Yeah, that’s why I am coming forward with this information. That is a very shady, in addition to, as far as I am aware, we’re not supposed to be counting ballots that are postmarked after the third of November here in the state of Michigan.”
The insider said that some of his colleagues at the post office were also upset by the order given from their supervisor, to fraudulently postmark ineligible ballots, but no one wanted to speak out or outwardly show their anger.
Reportedly, throughout the day, the ballots were taken from the sorting bins and put into Express Mail bags, so that they could be taken “to the plant,” which according to the insider is the postal distribution center nearby. He said:
“My statement to other postal workers is that if they see anything shady is to report it. They can’t have any integrity in this country if they just let things slide.”
O’Keef said:
“Like other insiders, this man is witnessing a wrong so heinous, so toxic to our voter-based democracy, he found himself with the ‘choiceless choice.’”
Michigan and its 16 Electoral College votes are at the center of the tightly contested 2020 presidential election between President Donald J. Trump and former-Vice President Joe Biden.
According to reports, on Wednesday, November 4th, President Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit against Michigan over alleged electoral malfeasance, charging Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson for allowing absentee ballots to be counted without a team of bipartisan observers.
The Associated Press reported that Trump’s campaign has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Georgia, laying the groundwork for contesting battleground states as current voting counts show Democrat Joe Biden ahead in the hunt for the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House.
The Trump campaign said it is calling for a temporary halt in the counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania until it is given “meaningful” access in numerous locations and allowed to review ballots that already have been opened and processed.
The Michigan lawsuit claims that Secretary Benson, a Democrat, was allowing absentee ballots to be counted without teams of bipartisan observers as well as challengers.
She is being accused of undermining the “constitutional right” of all Michigan voters to participate in “fair and lawful elections.”
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