/Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 Laptop Deals: Save $150 on a MacBook Air and $600 off Razer B… – Business Insider
Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 Laptop Deals: Save $150 on a MacBook Air and $600 off Razer B... - Business Insider

Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 Laptop Deals: Save $150 on a MacBook Air and $600 off Razer B… – Business Insider

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Amazon Prime Day is officially live, bringing some of the best deals of the year on laptops. The sale ends today, October 14.
So far, we have seen major deals like $200 off the Google Pixelbook Go and a whopping $600 off the Razer Blade. There are bound to be more on Windows laptops and Chromebooks alike before the event ends, so you’ll want to check back often as we continue to update our list of the best laptop deals during Prime Day.
If you are looking for a Mac, you can snap up a MacBook Air for $150 less than usual right now — check out that deal below. Although the discount may be smaller than those for Windows laptops and Chromebooks, note that Macs rarely see sizable discounts, so any savings is significant.
If you don’t have a Prime subscription yet, you can sign up below and get a 30-day free trial to shop Amazon Prime Day deals.
The new 2020 MacBook Air gets a $150 discount for Prime Day 2020. Just note that the full discount is applied at checkout. The newest MacBook Air has a new Intel processor, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and the improved Magic Keyboard.
The laptop market is largely dominated by devices running on Windows 10, the latest desktop and laptop operating system from Microsoft. Below, there are a few Windows laptop deals that are truly exceptional — expect this list to grow before Prime Day ends October 14.
Since both Microsoft and Sony are launching new game consoles this shopping season, gaming laptop makers are trying to compete with those devices with appealing deals to draw potential customers away. Here are the gaming laptop deals we’ve found so far that are worth your time:
The most reliably affordable laptops are Chromebooks running on Google’s Chrome OS, which is based around its Chrome web browser and online tools, such as Gmail and Google Docs. They even include the Google Play Store and are compatible with most Android apps. Here are the truly good Chromebook deals we’ve found so far:
There are many things to consider when buying a new laptop, since there are so many different kinds designed for different use cases. So, first, you should determine what it is you need from the laptop, whether that be web browsing, word processing, digital design, PC gaming, or any of the other myriad uses for a laptop.
Second, you should determine your price point, as that will ultimately dictate what you’re able to afford. Some combinations of laptop type and price point don’t really add up, such as an “affordable” gaming laptop – the cheapest gaming laptop we’ve seen was about $700. While all things are relative, $700 isn’t objectively “cheap” no matter how you slice it.
Finally, determine your must-have features. Should your laptop have an excellent webcam, or lots of graphics processing power, or the most comfortable keyboard possible? Narrowing down your most essential needs will help narrow your list of potential laptops.
Protip: make sure to double-check the laptop maker’s suggested price with the deal price – pay close attention to the hardware specifications – and also affirm your choices with editorial reviews rather than user reviews on Amazon or other retailers. They’re often cooked by the retailer or product maker to drive sales.
As a team of product experts who review and write about the best tech you can buy for a living, we humbly recommend that you search for a Business Insider review or guide for any product you’re looking at to see if we’ve had the chance to test it out personally. Here are the absolute best laptops we recommend in every category:
Amazon Prime Day 2020 started on October 13 and will last through October 14. We’ll be hunting for laptop deals on both days of the event, so come back often for the laptop sales you’re searching for.
Regardless, to enjoy these discounts, you will need an Amazon Prime subscription. A Prime subscription is available for $13 a month or $120 a year. Amazon Prime subscribers get access to a lot of perks, including free two-day shipping on many products, access to Amazon’s Prime video streaming service, and a lot more.
Those who haven’t yet subscribed can give the service a test drive with a free 30-day trial. If you haven’t signed up before, you’ll have to at least activate your free trial in order to take advantage of the deals on offer. Most Prime Day laptop deals have yet to start, but you can see the discounts we expect based on past sales below.
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