/President Trump slams Drudge Report, shouts out Bongino Report

President Trump slams Drudge Report, shouts out Bongino Report

The Drudge Report “sold out” to left-wing propaganda, President Donald Trump declared in a fiery tweet, congratulating conservative news overlord Dan Bongino on his success having “decimated the business” at his left-aligned adversary.
“Dump Drudge, it’s a non-stop hysteria machine,” Bongino tweeted Monday evening, urging his nearly 2.5 million followers to use his news aggregation and news website and “leave the hysteria for the panic merchants.” This was retweeted by the president.
In his retweet of Bongino’s post, Trump named the Fox News contributor among Breitbart News Network and others who have “decimated the business at Drudge.”
“It’s gone the way of the @NBA, ratings down 70%. People want the TRUTH! Drudge Report sold out, suffered a massive ‘nervous breakdown’. Happening @FoxNews also???” the president questioned.
The NBA agreed last week to leave all the recent social justice messages “off the floor” starting next season after viewership was down on average for the NBA finals this year between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat.
“Thank you Mr. President. Drudge sold us all out. We never will,” Bongino said in response to Trump’s acclamation, pledging to never abandon the conservative movement or contract full-on Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Last month, The Drudge Report was exposed for its spotlighted hit piece against the president, titled “Trump Denies Mini-Stroke Sent Him To Hospital.” A CNN video was sourced, displaying Trump reportedly dragging his right leg while touring a North Carolina laboratory back in July.
Trump denied the leftist spin alleging that he suffered “a series of mini-strokes” that prompted an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in November 2019. Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, even cleared his health record in a press statement, officially confirming that Trump is “fit to execute the duties of the Presidency.”
At the time, Trump called out Matt Drudge, who founded the eponymous site, for not backing him during his 2016 presidential campaign and further diverging from conservative media.
“His Fake News report on Mini-Strokes is incorrect,” Trump exposed the now-liberal news peddler. “Possibly thinking about himself, or the other party’s ‘candidate.'”
The president had volleyed back at his Democratic contender “Sleepy Joe Hiden.”
“Never happened to THIS candidate — FAKE NEWS. Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!” Trump pointed at the former Vice President’s mental health record, following Biden’s demented confusion over whether he has been tested for cognitive decline or not.
While The Drudge Report has become an embarrassing Never-Trump cringe fest, its primary opponent has evolved into the conservative media powerhouse since the steadfast alternative’s launch last year.
As The Bongino Report replaces the liberal drudgery, the conservative radio host has since acquired an equity stake in the online video-sharing platform Rumble, challenging YouTube in the free speech arena.
Bongino’s investment in Rumble further demonstrates his cold war on censorship. The former Secret Service agent has never shied away from bucking Big Tech with the offbeat. In June, the conservative media head partnered with Parler to fight back against the tech tyrants at Twitter.
In the competitive social media market, Bongino continues to be a champion of independent underdogs. His loyal base follows, driving traffic away from the mainstream and towards dark horse mediums that promote both free thought and free speech.
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