/Kevin McCarthy: House Republican Majority Would ‘Renew’ American Dream
Kevin McCarthy: House Republican Majority Would ‘Renew’ American Dream

Kevin McCarthy: House Republican Majority Would ‘Renew’ American Dream

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement Sunday that, through using his vision for a House Republican majority, they can help President Donald Trump “renew” the American dream.
“When Republicans had the majority, we worked with President Trump to get our nation back on track and deliver wins for the American people,” McCarthy told Breitbart News.
McCarthy’s comments to Breitbart News follows a letter he sent to his House Republican colleagues that they will unveil their “Restore, Rebuild, Renew” project. The outline will detail the House Republicans’ policy platform for a potential House GOP majority in the 117th Congress.
McCarthy said in the letter that they had received over 150 policy submissions and worked with House Republicans across the conservative spectrum to draft the plan to rebuild America for a post-coronavirus era. The outline will show how Republicans, not Democrats, are the right party to hold the majority in the House, and that they will end America’s dependence on China, rebuild critical infrastructure, and improve the lives of working Americans.
Republicans will have a conference on Monday to discuss the Republican renewal project and then have a roll-out event on Tuesday to discuss it. McCarthy’s roll-out of the vision outpaces the September 23 release of the 2010 “Pledge to America” outline and the 1994 “Contract with America” program.
McCarthy wrote in his letter to House Republicans that the plan would focus on:
  • Restore Our Way of Life by defeating the virus and keeping America healthy; ensuring the safety and security of all communities; and preserving our freedoms under the Constitution.
  • Rebuild the Greatest Economy in History by getting America working and adding 10 million new good-paying jobs; ending our dependence on China and enhancing our economic security; and upgrading America’s critical infrastructure.
  • Renew the American Dream by making sure that every child in every neighborhood can attend an excellent school; honoring our veterans’ service to America and hiring our heroes; and supporting our citizens’ success, now and in the future.
Republicans hope to contrast themselves with Democrats by focusing on policies Pelosi’s majority would pursue:
  • Defunding the police, border patrol, and the military.
  • Dismantling America’s social, economic, and political institutions.
  • Destroy small businesses with “crushing” taxes and regulations.
McCarthy led Republicans as the recruitment chair and authored the 2010 “Pledge to America,” which helped the GOP take back the House. The House majority in 2010 helped stop then-President Barack Obama’s leftist policies in Congress.
A House Republican majority with McCarthy at the helm would help end House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) endless investigations of Trump and his administration. McCarthy charged that Democrats promised to work with the president as they took back the majority in 2018; however, they ended up only pursuing impeachment, using coronavirus aid as leverage for leftist carveouts, and ignored critical issues facing the country.
“When Democrats took the majority, they said they’d be different. Instead, they’ve shown they’re more interested in tearing down the president than in building up America,” McCarthy told Breitbart News. “They pursued baseless investigations, held up essential assistance to families and small businesses, and put their liberal wish list ahead of Americans’ interests. Their track record since Pelosi took the gavel has been an embarrassment. Our country cannot continue down this path with Democrats at the helm in the House.”
As many crucial coronavirus aid programs continue to languish, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) continue to push their hard-line tactics with congressional Republicans and the president, refusing to find a middle-ground compromise that can pass through the Congress and be signed into law by the president.
Senate Democrats blocked a targeted coronavirus aid bill on Thursday, which has pushed many swing district Democrats to lobby Pelosi and Schumer to change their tactics. Although they will not move forward on a bipartisan coronavirus bill, the House Democrat majority plans to soon vote on legislation to legalize marijuana.
This led one Democrat aide remark to Politico, “We can’t fund the government, we can’t fix COVID, but yet we can pass weed.”
McCarthy told Breitbart News that a House Republican majority that their renewal program will serve as a transparent outline of how they would govern in the 117th Congress.
McCarthy has continued to say that Republicans can win back the House in November. Republicans plan on targeting the 31 congressional districts Trump won during the 2016 presidential election, House Democrats managed to flip during the 2018 midterm elections. Republicans only need to retake a net 17 seats to regain the House majority.
The House Republican majority during Trump’s first two years in office led to significant legislative successes, such as the Trump tax cuts, eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, and cutting Obama-era regulations. Now, McCarthy charges with a House Republican majority with a second term for Trump in office, they can rebuild the American economy, ensure safe communities, and “renew” the American dream.
McCarthy told Breitbart News, “The American people deserve to know how House Republicans will govern with a majority. That’s why we have gathered more than 150 policy ideas from across our conference to show the American public that House Republicans have a specific, unified plan and we are ready to work as a House majority with President Trump to Restore our way of life, Rebuild the greatest economy in the world, and Renew the American dream.”
Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.
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