/‘Don’t touch kids, you pervert!’: Biden slammed by protesters at campaign rally
'Don't touch kids, you pervert!': Biden slammed by protesters at campaign rally

‘Don’t touch kids, you pervert!’: Biden slammed by protesters at campaign rally

Several audience members at Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign rally in Milford, New Hampshire, lashed out at the former vice president, calling him a number of insults, including “pervert” and “quid pro-Joe.”
Biden, 77, was speaking on Sunday night ahead of the state’s Feb. 11 Democratic primary, where he is trailing South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to RealClearPolitics. A handful of those present interrupted the event on multiple occasions with heckles.
“Quite a start to Biden’s event in Milford, NH — He was quickly interrupted near the top of his remarks by a protestor who called him “creepy” & made false claims about him being a “pervert,” tweeted NBC News’s Marianna Sotomayor. “Another woman then yelled “quid pro-Joe” before another man began to shout about Ukraine.”
Video from the campaign stop shows a man asking Biden about old videos that show him touching children and adults.
“You touch kids on video and women,” said the man. “We don’t need another old, white man running for president.”
Biden quickly reprimanded the man, saying, “This isn’t a Trump rally.”
The man continued to speak, saying he wasn’t a Trump supporter before yelling, “Don’t touch kids, you pervert!”
Biden has a history of kissing and touching girls and women without their consent. Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, 39, claimed Biden kissed her without permission in 2014. Another woman told the Washington Examiner earlier this year that she was left unimpressed with the presidential candidate after he abruptly seized her hands and clung onto them at a campaign stop. He has also has made controversial remarks about his granddaughter in the past.
The former Delaware senator and front-runner has watched as Buttigieg and Sanders have solidly gained on him in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada in recent weeks.
“This is democracy,” said Biden, before another audience member shouted, “The truth is going to come out, buddy.”
Another heckler asked about money his son Hunter made when he worked for the corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings while Biden was still vice president, and another taunted Biden by calling him, “Quid pro-Joe.”
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