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Schooling Social Justice Warriors

Schooling Social Justice Warriors

The curricula is tailored for each age and grade level, and touches on topics including LGBTQ identities, family diversity, gender stereotypes in fairy tales and historical figures, to name a few. Parents were given access to lesson plans.
I strongly encourage you to follow that lesson plans link. To the school’s credit, they aren’t hiding anything. This is the conceptual vocabulary that kids in pre-K, elementary, and middle school will be learning this week:
Unbelievable. They are teaching kindergartners in public school about the basics of LGBT activism. In first grade, they will be training these kids in the basic of transgender theory. Second and third graders will be writing gender ideology fairy tales for the little kids. And on and on. Middle schoolers will be compelled by their public school to embrace LGBT activism.
For the teachers, this background:
More info for the teachers:
There’s more. Here’s a guide for how teachers are to handle parents who object:
This is the lie they always tell: that this is only about being nice and respectful. Because compelling middle schoolers to make activist posters is so necessary to learning tolerance.
I invite you to read all the lesson plans.
District 65 is in a deeply blue (as in liberal) part of the country, so not typical. But if this isn’t in your public school district now, give it time. You conservative Christian parents who insist that your kid has to remain in public school to “be salt and light” are going to need to up your game.
St. Benedict, in his Rule, said that the monastery is a “school for the Lord’s service.” US public schools are becoming training facilities for propaganda and social justice activism. Read the lesson plans and see for yourself. They are feeding gender ideology to kindergartners. Even the special ed kids have to learn how to salute the rainbow flag.
(Thanks to the Chicagoland reader who tipped me off.)
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