/Ex-nurse posed as man for second time to get naked images of women
Ex-nurse posed as man for second time to get naked images of women

Ex-nurse posed as man for second time to get naked images of women

Adele Rennie (pictured) tricked ten different people, sometimes by using a voice-changing app on her phone
Adele Rennie (pictured) tricked ten different people, sometimes by using a voice-changing app on her phone
A former nurse who posed as a man online to con women into sending her naked pictures is back in prison after repeating the crime only months after her release.
Adele Rennie, 28, targeted three more victims and used voice-altering software to sound like a man in the so-called ‘catfish’ scam.
Rennie, of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, admitted posing as men named Dan, Daniel, Max and Jack during an 18-day period in which she duped victims into sending her personal information and pictures by social media apps such as Tinder and Instagram.
She also tricked one of the women, a single mother of two, into sending her a video after she posed as a male lawyer.
Rennie admitted the crimes, which caused her victims ‘fear and alarm’, at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Monday and sentence was deferred.
All the offences were carried out in January, three months after she was freed from jail after serving ten months of a 22-month sentence for an identical scam.
The 27-year-old single mother targeted by Rennie said she felt in ‘danger’ after receiving an alarming number of calls from one of the crook’s fake personas, ‘Daniel Crolla’.
The pair exchanged flirtatious texts and calls before the victim became suspicious. She told The Sun: ‘I had no idea it was Adele Rennie who was behind it. This criminal lawyer called Dan was contacting me all the time but when I checked there was nobody under that name.
‘I knew that something wasn’t right and I thought I was in danger. I called my friend and said, ‘You need to come and get me. I don’t feel safe in my house’.’

The image that Rennie used to convinve victims she was a male doctor

This angry exchange took place between Rennie and a victim from her previous, identical scam

 Left, an image Rennie used to convince victims of a previous scam that she was a male doctor and, right, an angry exchange between Rennie and a victim in her earlier deception

The victim said alarm bells started ringing when she and a friend checked out the house in Troon, Ayrshire, where Rennie said the lawyer lived – only to find the expensive Jaguar her alter ego claimed to own was not there. The woman added: ‘I knew then this person was not who they said they were, but I still thought it was a guy.
‘I phoned the police and told them I was concerned because they knew where I lived.’
She later contacted Rennie’s male persona to ‘call his bluff’, adding: ‘He sent me a message saying he had been talking to a computer expert at his work who could tell him pretty much everything I am doing.
‘That was very disturbing and threatening. By this time I was staying at my mum’s. I didn’t feel safe.’
During this time the victim’s friend discovered details of Rennie’s previous crimes, leading the victim to suspect she was also the culprit behind her own ordeal. She said: ‘I knew it was Adele because it was so similar.’
Rennie was jailed and placed on the sex offenders register in December 2017 after she admitted committing 18 offences between 2012 and 2016.
The former Crosshouse Hospital nurse called her victims and conned them into sexually charged conversations by using a voice-changing app.
One victim said Rennie used photographs of her own nephew, claiming he was dying of cancer before posting images of a funeral and grave to say he’d died.
Another 27-year-old victim told The Sun that Rennie used her male alias to stalk and intimidate her.
Miss Scotland finalist Abbie Draper exposed Rennie’s first scam after she attempted to seduce her.
Ms Draper had visited the hospital where Rennie was working to see her dying grandfather and became worried because the nurse was ‘always hovering’ around her family, and would follow them to the gym and supermarket.
The model was contacted on Facebook by Rennie, who was posing as a fake doctor at the hospital by the name of David Graham.
But a friend of Ms Draper became alarmed after seeing they had become connected on the social media site as the same account had been used to contact another friend.
Rennie used the names David Graham, David Crolla and Davie, Marco and Matthew Mancini and often reused the same storyline and characters.
And she used images from male model Craig Dunn’s Facebook account without his knowledge or permission, in an attempt to snare the women.
She would arrange to meet her victims and then cancel at the last moment, often with the excuse that close family were very ill, the court heard.
She also accessed the medical records of one of her victims in an attempt to obtain further details.
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