/Hulu just made it cheaper to binge the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale
Hulu just made it cheaper to binge the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu just made it cheaper to binge the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale

Blessed be! Hulu just dropped the price of its basic subscription plan, which means we can re-watch The Handmaid’s Tale (for way less) while we wait for season 3. The price drop comes nearly one month after Netflix hiked its prices to the highest they’ve ever been.
Hulu vs. Netflix
A basic Hulu subscription plan now only costs $5.99 per month. This is down from $7.99, which may not seem like a lot, but in comparison to Netflix’s basic subscription plan, which costs $12.99 per month, it’s a lot cheaper. With the subscription, not only will you get unlimited access to Hulu’s massive library of movies and TV shows, but you’ll also score the ability to watch the newest episodes of TV shows the day after they air — so you can stay caught up on all your favorites, including Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, The Bachelor, and more.
In comparison, it can take up to several months for Netflix to add new seasons of a show to its streaming platform. And anyway, you’ll definitely need that subscription when season 3 of Hulu’s exclusive hit TV show The Handmaid’s Tale returns on June 5.
How much does Hulu Live TV cost?
Diehard fans of The Bachelor, you’ll want to catch what might be one of the most dramatic season finales in the show’s history in March — and you can do so with Hulu Live TV. You’ll get over 60 live and on-demand TV channels, plus access to Hulu’s giant library of movies and TV shows, all for $44.99 a month (a $5 increase from its previous price). And, of course, you can always do a free seven-day trial run of the plan before subscribing. Hulu also offers tons of add-on channels, including HBO, so you can watch the final season of Game of Thrones when it returns in April.

It’s super easy (and now, even cheaper) to get your TV and movie fix on the go through the Hulu app on your smartphone or tablet, and it’s definitely worth subscribing to Hulu now while you can get access to tons of binge-worthy shows for cheap — especially since so many good ones are returning soon!
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