/Drag Race queen Monét X Change serves edjumacation realness on new Monéts Herstory X Change series

Drag Race queen Monét X Change serves edjumacation realness on new Monéts Herstory X Change series

Who needs a college degree when you can get a legitimate, one-size-fits-all “edjumacation” from one of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s finest?

It’s time to fill your backpacks with lip pencils and werkbooks, children, because EW can exclusively reveal that the queen mother of sponge eleganza Monét X Change — who infamously taught her drag sisters a lesson on the history of the British accent during her Drag Race tenure — is launching her own informational variety show aimed at expanding the craniums of kitty girls everywhere.

The season 10 Miss Congeniality winner (and current RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4 competitor) will launch Monét’s Herstory X Change this Tuesday, Nov. 27 on the WOW Presents Plus subscription streaming service, where the New York City-based performer will take viewers on a hilarious journey through the American history we think we know — plus musings on nursery rhymes, pirate myths, and more!

“Stars? Stripes? Bitch!” X Change says in EW’s exclusive sneak peek at the series above, in which she spills the real tea on Betsy Ross, who is credited with making the first American flag. “Yes, the bitch may have sewn the flag up, she may have put a few stitches up in there, but it was not her design.”

“That was Mr. George Washington and his other buddies who was up in the tavern, drinking with their fake teeth and wooden legs. They came up with the design and she just executed it, okay?” X Change continues. “We can credit her with that. But Betsy Ross is not a designer: she’s a seamstress!”

Ross’ disembodied voice (played by fellow Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards) then wafts over the scene: “I may not be funny, and I might not be a singer, but I am a fierce seamstress,” she says. Stunning!

Monét’s Herstory X Change debuts Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 12 p.m. ET on WOW Presents Plus. Watch EW’s exclusive clip from the show above, and check out a few exclusive images from the show below.

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